Transform Formula 1 Racing in 2017

Federation Internationale l’Automobile (FIA) planned regulatory changes that will transform Formula 1 racing cars, more faster in 2017.


A video uploaded on youtube show the predicted car works Giorgio Piola, an expert and technical analysts F1. On video F1 his design compared with the current F1 car.

The most significant changes seen on the nose of the car longer than before, and the rear wing lower and wider. In order to support the performance of the car faster and faster, the rear wheel is also designed widening.

Sharpening the central part of the front wing of the return component indicates bargeboard that had been absent since 2009, where there is a trimming of aerodynamic components. Rear wing end plate slightly sloping, at first glance reminiscent of the rear wing first generation A1GP race car.

The following changes are planned for the F1 2017:

  1. The rear tire is wider, from 42 cm to 45 cm
  2. The wider front wing, from 82.5 cm to 92.5 cm
  3. The bar on the lower rear wing, from 94.5 cm to 80 cm
  4. Blade rear wing lower down, from 74.5 cm to 60 cm
  5. The rear wing endplate tilt angle between 25 and 30 degrees
  6. The bar side wing tilt angle between 30 and 45 degrees
  7. Diffuser longer

This change is done in response to the criticism of the fans FIA for F1 cars currently considered too slowly. With the following changes in 2017 F1 car will be targeted to 5 seconds faster per lap than the current model.

Written from various sources.