5 Best Wrenching Tips and Tricks

If you are into wrenching and looking for the best tips and tricks to start off right away, then this is the perfect place you have visited! We don’t often get much to read on this, and most of the people just start off without knowing the basics hence we decided to write about the must-to-know tips and tricks for your ease.

1: Remove the stubborn spin-on oil filter

In case you are dealing with a traditional spin-oil filter, you have to tighten it as long as the ring gets squeezed However if you have to remove a stationary spin-oil filter then there is an easy way out! All you need to have is a flat end screwdriver and a little force to exert. Pierce the filter using the screwdriver and spin it out. However, you need to be careful about the mess. Don’t do it in your garage as a lot of oil will be spilled. Also, use gloves and watch out for your clothes too!

2: Loosen the fill port

This tip has gained immense appeal and appreciation by wrench lovers, so let’s have a look at this one. It talks about checking the fill port instead of facing a loss! In case you intend to change the fluid its always better to loosen the fill port before you drain the existing fluid to check if it is stripped.

3: Use an extra box wrench

This is a very helpful tip that you must not have known before. You must have encountered a situation where you are trying to loosen a nut but there seems no possibility that it will get released, and you try hard to exert more force to loosen it and end up being tired! Instead of doing this, there is a simple trick of attaching another box wrench to the wrench that is already fixed at the nut. Now as the distance has increased you don’t need to exert to push more force!

4: Stimulate the bolt

The fourth tip is relevant to the difficulty most of us encounter. It talks about the bolts that are hard to take off and aren’t being threaded because of rust or a lot of deposit. In this scenario, the best solution is to chase the bolt and use a die to get rid of it!

5: Make use of physics

Last but not the least is a very simple trick which is usually avoided by all of us. It talks about using the laws of physics to your advantage in difficult situations. So, the trick is that whenever you are dealing with bearings. The easiest way to make them slip in is to cool the bearings and heat the part that is supposed to go inside the hole hence the expansion and contraction of the metals will end up making your task a piece of cake!

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