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How to Write a Report.

This articles will give introduce the reader to the different things that will guide him in making his report. When making a report, the writer must follow certain steps in order for him to be able to write a meaningful, clear and concise report.

So we start by defining what a report is.

A report is not just a collection of words that describes an incident but a written document that has a purpose and is directed to a particular type of audience. Data gathered for reports are not just presented but they are also analyzed depending on their applications to the different issues and problems identified. The location of information in the written report are made possible with a structure that is clear and well organized through the implementation of the different titles and sections of the report.
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Asking someone to make a report is not just as easy as giving them a topic for discussion but a report brief is needed. When making a report, the important things to be considered such as the target audience, the purpose of the report and the problems to be tackled are all contained in what they call a report brief.
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What does a good report contain?

Reports are not only descriptive forms of documents but also written assessment forms since they are used for the following:

1. To be able to find out the different learnings of the reader or student from the experience, readings and researches they have conducted.

2. The experience of the important skills in the workplace is an integral part of the training.

Issues in the report brief must be analyzed and presented in a manner that is clear and structured in order for the report to be effective. The sources of the report must be listed and acknowledged each time that the issue presented refers to a particular reference provided that it adheres to the preferred style of your agency. Essays are more discursive that a report and uses more words to describe events and opinions of writer whereas reports are direct to the point and uses minimal description of events that are not relevant. The presentation of the report specifically follows the specifications of the report brief and makes the reader understand the different causations and purpose as to why it was written in the first place. Reports are made to analyze and evaluate the gathered information that are relevant to the times. The consistency in the presentation of the report relies in the adherence of the writer to the specific guidelines set forth in the report brief. When making conclusions, it must be derived from the analysis of the evidence gathered by the writer. Recommendations are very important and these represents the culmination of the report, it gives the readers the actions they can do in relation to the different problems and issues presented in the report, but they must be thoughtful and practical so that there would be faster response from willing individuals.