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My problem with American unions is not about unions and pay scales as such. It’s about American manufacturing’s lack of competitiveness. Let’s look at vehicles.

Tesla, then again, just isn’t reacting however causing. Tesla is driving down the price of batteries, creating highly desirable vehicles, and avoiding issues that other automobile manufacturers accept as a part of the enterprise. Tesla has eliminated dealerships with their disagreeable sales practices. They’ve adopted a coverage of fix stuff as soon as it’s discovered, do not wait to be compelled to repair it. They’ve continued to enhance their cars even after they are sold. And they’ve build a rapid charging system.

The Dodge Dart Swinger is what need-to-be gangsters of the 70’s would drive on the best way to satisfy that guy in regards to the thing. It is reminiscent of a 70’s spy automotive if Maxwell Smart drove a go cart. Again I am not sure what aerodynamic advantage lining the outside roof of a automobile with vinyl has, but those designers were onto one thing. Why waste your time engaged on a extra fuel efficient engine or a approach to just plain make the automobile run better when there’s a dangerously un-upholstered roof to take care of. However what do I know? This year Dodge decided to resurrect the Dart sans the vinyl lined high.

What makes this dialogue all the extra unbelievable, is that Tesla has launched ALL of its patents for anyone to make use of, particularly its competitors! And do not forget that Mercedes Benz was at one time the principle shareholder and guardian angel of Tesla. It’s possible that GM, Ford, MB, and others are secretly working on Tesla clones. Let us hope that’s the case.

I am unable to show it, but I believe another excuse auto manufacturers design their very own tires is to cut prices. By slicing a couple of corners within the design and specs, they’ll enhance their revenue and/or lower the overall car value. If there purpose was to design a greater tire, why wouldn’t they make these OEM tires accessible for the car owner to purchase after the first set wears out? Many automotive homeowners assume” they’re changing their Firestones or Michelins that had been on their new automotive with the same tire, however they’re not. The tire could be the identical dimension and look the identical, however it’s a distinct mannequin number.