6 risks If you often leave your gas tank empty


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Motor must need fuel as the engine drive. Without fuel, the motorbike obviously cannot function as a vehicle that always accompanies you daily activities. Unfortunately, we are often neglectful of the iron horse’s main needs.

In fact, the habit of letting an empty motor tank not filled with gasoline can actually have fatal consequences for our mounts. The threat is rusty, the tank becomes dirty, so the possibility of damage to the components on your motorcycle can occur. So that you can pay more attention to your own motorcycle, see the following things first!

  1. Hazardous and easy to leak

Basically, motor components are made of iron, including parts of the tank. This iron horse is literally a lot of iron (especially for 1985 motorcycles, the majority of which are iron plates). Naturally, iron will rust easily. empty gas tank can make gasoline evaporate in the tank when exposed to … Read more


Visit Rome on a luxury car

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