Advancements in the Automobile Industry

In recent days, companies in the automobile industry have shown in their design rooms and factories a glimpse of what the future holds. Vehicles that are being designed have advanced technology and new vehicle concepts have been developed. All these efforts are funneled at transforming the automobile and transportation industry. The new designs are fully digitized with Wi-Fi, highly developed infotainment systems, applications and inter- vehicle communication that allows exchange of information such as speed, position, real time location services as well as available vehicle repair services. Their technology gives the car superior control on its own such as auto-braking, self-parking, automatic accident avoidance, power steering and electronic engine control.

All Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) currently face a huge test of staying atop of the product trends while still being mindful of any environment rules that may emerge with time. There are three ways in which critical dimensions in car … Read more