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Tips Eliminating Bored, While on Vacation with the Family Car

Soon you will be enjoying the year-end holidays. Maybe you have decided to go on vacation out of town using private cars. Therefore, in addition to private vehicles should check carefully and make sure that no significant damage, you also need to prepare themselves to cope with boredom when wading holiday travel using private cars.


Here are tips that you must try to prevent boredom while using private cars for the year-end holidays:

Prepare these interesting journey

If you go to a fairly remote area, there is no harm in setting up these interesting trip, sometimes a little play was not anything. Provided you choose the route that offers views of the evocative eyes. Try to select for the passing lane mountain or offshore, will definitely feel more comfortable journey.

PrepareĀ  Snacks

Hours sitting in the car, especially for those who drive will make the body feel more hungry and … Read more


Transform Formula 1 Racing in 2017

Federation Internationale l’Automobile (FIA) planned regulatory changes that will transform Formula 1 racing cars, more faster in 2017.


A video uploaded on youtube show the predicted car works Giorgio Piola, an expert and technical analysts F1. On video F1 his design compared with the current F1 car.

The most significant changes seen on the nose of the car longer than before, and the rear wing lower and wider. In order to support the performance of the car faster and faster, the rear wheel is also designed widening.

Sharpening the central part of the front wing of the return component indicates bargeboard that had been absent since 2009, where there is a trimming of aerodynamic components. Rear wing end plate slightly sloping, at first glance reminiscent of the rear wing first generation A1GP race car.

The following changes are planned for the F1 2017:

  1. The rear tire is wider, from 42
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Matic Car Caring For Durability

Matic car is very easy and feels comfortable when driving or not complicated to set the gear lever like a manual car, but the car matic has flaws and vulnerable to damage, especially on the transmission and engine. If the auto matic damaged, the cost is more expensive than the car manual. To remain durable and still comfortable ride, things to consider when you have auto matic is as follows.


Some months there doing tests on the road test you matic car, do you simply run auto matic as usual, then try moving gears. Feel the movement of the gears are closely, if when moving the gear out the noise and the car quite a bit shaken, meaning cars matic you’re having problems on the transmission, if it happens, immediately take your car to a garage for repairs, because in a car matic transmission is a vital part

Substitution Oli … Read more