Equipment Needs To Be Taken While On Vacation And Traveling

One of the necessary preparations when traveling or vacation is a complete and appropriate luggage. If there is a compulsory item left behind, it could be your holiday or travel event becomes chaotic. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of packing and supplies business before a vacation. This time we want to help you by giving tips on the items you need to carry when traveling is useful:

Important documents

    Proof of hotel reservation

    Cash and credit cards

    Identity card

    Traveling guidebook

Tips: The best solution in maintaining the security of these valuable documents is to put them in the same place. This will make it easier to watch and take one of these precious items when needed. For that, it’s good you bring a sling bag that can contain all the documents.

Personal use

    Body hygiene kits (soap, shampoo, and others).

    A special small face towel.


    Eyeglasses and / or contact lens (as well as cleanser).

Tips: The default items in this category can be broken / broken or open seal and can stain the entire contents of your suitcase / bag. In order not to be damaged or scattered in the bag due to shocks, keep them in the pouch or organizer before put in the bag / suitcase. That way these objects can be more neat plus more easily taken when you need them. For women only, provide a separate pouch or organizer for your makeup and cosmetics.

Holiday support equipment


    Mini Boat


Tips: In order for holiday equipment is not damaged and can be transported by car, then you should use trailers behind the car. You can use Kayak Trailers which can facilitate the transportation of Canoe, Mini Boat and Bicycle, according to your needs. In order for a family vacation can be enjoyed with holiday support equipment, because these tools can not be entered into the car, this is for the convenience of family in the car and safety.

Clothing and Accessories

    Casual wear for everyday, both superiors and subordinates. Generally you need two pairs for one day.

    Nightwear. Generally sleepwear can be worn at least twice / night.

    Jacket or sweater / scarf to anticipate cold weather.

    A pair of comfortable shoes and / or sandals used for walking.

    Hats and belts.

Tip: Keep the above items in their respective categories separately in a large enough bag. Want to use a suitcase, backpack, or duffel bag is your choice. If necessary, insert certain items in the pouch or other carrying tools before put in the bag, such as shoes that can contaminate the contents of your bag if it is not wrapped.

Electronic devices or gadgets

    Camera and its equipment (memory card, battery, lens, and others)

    Mobile and charger

Tip: Protect your gadgets from water splashing or impact during travel. To protect it, you can install a smartphone casing or laptop case for safer.

The main core of packing is to maximize the space in your car and car while making easy access to daily picks. So make sure you bring a full item, but not excessive. In addition, make sure you also arrange your items neatly in bags and cars.