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YAS MARINA, Abu Dhabi – Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has reiterated that there was not an ulterior motive to mixing the mechanic crews of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at the start of the season.

Requirements for mechanical applications at Ontario colleges differ depending on the type of program, program degree and institution. Sometimes, packages require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), which features a grade 12 English and grade eleven or 12 mathematics credit score. Additional credits in math, physics and drafting are sometimes seen as property, however aren’t at all times necessary.

Mercedes decided over the winter to swap 5 mechanics from Hamilton’s facet of the garage for 5 on Rosberg’s in an effort to prevent the 2 sides of the storage becoming divided and to develop the individuals concerned. The decision got here under intense scrutiny from fans on social media earlier within the season when Hamilton suffered two MGU-H issues in quick succession, however neither was traced to the mechanics or the swap.

On this first test, our initial optimization work signifies that it’s best to discover an increase within the body charge, particularly on creations without bearings. We’re working right now on additional optimization, however we have had to push it again till we’re happier with it – we know that sucks, however all this is just the first step towards making Scrap Mechanic run slicker and smoother. With the brand new sport engine in place, we have now tons of ideas of the way to optimise all the things further.

You see, to our nice annoyance, ever for the reason that first launch now we have had issues with some graphic playing cards. (Especially the benighted Intel 520 and 530 (Grrr!)) This brought on Scrap Mechanic to crash firstly menu, making it unplayable for an unlucky few of you. Again, huge apologies to these affected Mechanics who’ve been waiting all this time and are nonetheless right here – LARGE thanks from us for hanging round!