Matic Car Caring For Durability

Matic car is very easy and feels comfortable when driving or not complicated to set the gear lever like a manual car, but the car matic has flaws and vulnerable to damage, especially on the transmission and engine. If the auto matic damaged, the cost is more expensive than the car manual. To remain durable and still comfortable ride, things to consider when you have auto matic is as follows.


Some months there doing tests on the road test you matic car, do you simply run auto matic as usual, then try moving gears. Feel the movement of the gears are closely, if when moving the gear out the noise and the car quite a bit shaken, meaning cars matic you’re having problems on the transmission, if it happens, immediately take your car to a garage for repairs, because in a car matic transmission is a vital part

Substitution Oli diligent Checking the oil in a car matic is important, although it looks simple. If the auto matic often bring out of town should check the condition of the oil. If you let the state of the oil, it will cause damage to the parts of your car matic transmission system. Highly functioning oil to grease your vehicle engine that was instrumental for the forward momentum so that the engine remains smooth. Our advice to use a special oil that matic car or also called automatic transmision fluid.

Heat up the car before traveling a trivial thing, but sometimes if it is ignored over time will make your machine a little disturbed, for it do warm up every morning or before you go to the office. Tips from Our current car heats, the state of the transmission lever must be in position N

Must be careful in using gears, avoid using gears ‘P’ during an auto matic has not completely stopped, if this is done continuously can cause damage to the gearbox of your car, then when you’re parked car, better avoid entering gear D, if it continues to do in the fear can ruin your car’s clutch, how safe you simply by moving the gear lever to position “P” when parking cars